Spotlight: Face to Face with Gambia based Make up Brand Reminiscebyro
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Spotlight: Face to Face with Gambia based Make up Brand Reminiscebyro
Saron Gbeho
Saron Gbeho
January 19, 2022
1 min

Reminisce by Ro Cosmetics is an all-inclusive makeup brand on a mission to empower black-brown women to become the best versions of themselves. We are excited to dive into some of our favorite fro

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Featured Product: Reminisce Matte Finish Foundation

What’s your shade? This foundation has it all——It’s infused with moisturizing minerals that creates an exclusive hydration film on the surface of the skin to lock up water and improve skin hydration. Hydrated, healthy looking skin starts right here.

Reminisce Face Powder

Featured Product: Reminisce Press Powder in shade Beige

With its natural ingredients, the Reminisce Press Powder is a versatile powder that you can wear alone or on top of your foundation. This powder gives you a flawless finish that keeps your makeup in place all day.

Reminisce Matte Liquid Lpstick

Featured Product: Reminisce Matte Liquid Lpstick

Fresh out of the picture frame, our Matte Liquid Lipstick has a unique formula that provides a rich color with a matte finish. From an array of bold, bright color shades to warm undertones or fun metallic and shimmers, every shade has something to say.

Reminisce Mini Eyeshadow Platte

Featured Product: Reminisce Mini Eyeshadow Platte

Add a luxurious sheen to your look with the Reminisce Mini Eyeshadow Platte. The vibrant eye shadow palette has both shimmer and matte powder, which is made from a natural mineral oil base. Vivid colors last for hours without a need for application.

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Featured Product: Reminisce Zaria Glitter Palette

Zaria is a glitter palette that gives you bold looks with its explosion of multidimensional prismatic shades. You can create an array of eye-catching looks with its 24 richly colored shadows in beautiful pinks, vibrant violets, gorgeous golds and greens. Give your eyes the glamour they deserve with Reminisce Zaria Glitter Palette.

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Saron Gbeho

Saron Gbeho

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